RUSSIA. A Killing Epidemic: The Culling of Russian Media Opponents

Kseniya Kirillova – Journalist. Analyst. Writer. Putin who created a system in which inconvenient people are beaten and killed easily, and death is a convenient solution to the problem of an “inconvenient” individual. And the more cynical the Russian hierarchy gets, the more people die at its hands, be it in the wars or high-profile… Read More

BELARUS. (Exclusive). Lukashenka Keeps Destroying Independent Press – Natallia Radzina

Kseniya Kirillova – Journalist. Analyst. Writer. On January 24 one of the most long-standing independent sites “Charter’97” was blocked by the decision of the Ministry of Information. The chief editor of the site Natallia Radzina stresses that repressions against the opposition media started almost 20 years ago. “In 1997 the Human Rights Initiative “Charter’97” was… Read More

SYRIA. Appeal to International assistance from Syrian journalist, human rights activist

Mansour Alabed Alali – Journalist. Human rights activist. PLEASE Save me Save my Family, We are oppressed in Syria . – Absolutely necessary, We want to go to Canada , we want to Reach Canada as soon as possible and in any way, please help me through the endorsement and authorization to reach Canada. Please… Read More

RUSSIA. After the death of his colleague, a Russian journalist is afraid of returning home

Kseniya Kirillova – Journalist. Analyst. Writer. At least 58 journalists have been killed in Russia since 1993, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. That includes several Novaya Gazeta journalists who were killed or died in mysterious circumstances since 2000. When the Russian reporter left her hometown of Ekaterinburg, Russia in early 2014 to move to… Read More

EU charter creating ‘confusion’ on human rights

Two years after the European Charter of Fundamental Rights became part of the EU treaty, its confusing application has created problems for press freedom, minority and asylum seekers’ rights, human rights czar Thomas Hammarberg told this website. The EU charter covers much of the same rights enshrined in an older European Convention on Human Rights,… Read More

WORLD. Can Mark Zuckerberg control the global Internet?

by Peter Stano – journalist. Billions of people use the Internet. Just like the owner of his own home closes his house to the castle, also people want security in the global Internet. What is really happening? Why Mark Zuckerberg and other people interfere in the lives of billions of people and want to control… Read More

The task of “Investigative Journalism”

The task of “Journalistic Investigations” is not only to expose or scandal. The investigation of our journalists is that justice would triumph. That would expose the mafia and corruption ties. And this is a long and systematic investigation, which would subsequently make a publication about the facts sheltered from society.

UZBEKISTAN. The power of money in the pipe.

Журналистское расследование стало причиной возбуждения в четырех странах уголовных дел, в которых фигурируют российские компании. Предисловие редакции. Власти США, Швеции, Нидерландов и Швейцарии ведут расследование гигантской коррупционной схемы, хозяйкой которой, по мнению правоохранительных органов, оказалась дочь президента Узбекистана Гульнара Каримова. Это — дело о многомиллионных взятках, которые выплачивали телекоммуникационные компании за право работать на перспективном среднеазиатском… Read More


Quality journalism is having a hard time surviving in the digital era. Now crowdfunding platform Uncoverage provides a way to enable the public to support investigative reporting.   The growth of the Internet and new information and communication technologies are compromising the future of quality journalism. A recentreport on journalism in the United States entitled ‘The… Read More