BELARUS. Arrest of Belarusian Escort in Thailand

Kseniya Kirillova – Journalist. Analyst. Writer. Details about the arrest of “Nastya Rybka” from an eyewitness “Locals acknowledged that they received instructions from Russia – to detain us by any reason” – Alex Leslie In the past few days, the American media has mentioned some information about Anastasia Vashukevitch, a.k.a. Nastya Rybka – a famous scandalous escort girl detained in… Read More

BELARUS. Was Belarus the victim of political and military games between Russia and Europe?

By Yauheni Preiherman / Officially, 12,700 troops participated in the drills, which practiced heading off a military incursion. Little was known about simultaneous drills in Russia. Pundits say that the latter might have involved a far larger numbers of troops and it was this estimate that became the source of hysteric projections around the drills in international… Read More

EUROPE. Today began the Russian-Belarusian war games. European residents are excited and frightened.

by Monika Scislowska. According to the AP today Russia and Belarus began major war games Thursday, an operation involving thousands of troops, tanks and aircraft on NATO’s eastern edge practicing how to hunt down and destroy armed spies, among other maneuvers. The Zapad (West) 2017 maneuvers, which are mainly taking place in Belarus this year, have… Read More

BELARUS. Что делать? Власти Беларуси пытаются блокировать Tor.

Пользователи интернета в Беларуси зафиксировали блокировку доступа к основным серверам анонимайзера Tor. Эксперты советуют, что делать, чтобы продолжать пользоваться этим сервисом. Первые сообщения о блокировке Tor в Беларуси появились во второй половине минувшей недели – они выглядели как проблема у того или иного провайдера. Пользователи сталкивались с тем, что процесс подключения к сервису не может… Read More