LATIN AMERICA. How the 2018 Summit of the Americas can still make a difference

By Evan Ellis – Assistant Professor of National Security The article was written before the missile strike in Syria, and doesn’t capture the impact of the action on the summit agenda, I believe that the basic analysis of the conservative trend in the region is consistent with what happened at the summit, and the article’s arguments… Read More

GERMANY. Firms for the sick and disabled in Germany

Около 230 фирм по уходу за больными и инвалидами, основанных выходцами из бывшего СССР, создали систему координированной подделки счетов об оказанных услугах, и эта система существует на значительной части территории ФРГ. По сговору с пациентами и врачами эти фирмы выставляют счета за услуги, которые они на самом деле не оказывали, сообщили во вторник, 30 мая,… Read More

The task of “Investigative Journalism”

The task of “Journalistic Investigations” is not only to expose or scandal. The investigation of our journalists is that justice would triumph. That would expose the mafia and corruption ties. And this is a long and systematic investigation, which would subsequently make a publication about the facts sheltered from society.

ITALY. Mafia. Investigation Sparks Dozens of Arrests.

    CLAUDIO LAVANGA ROME — Politicians, public servants, professors and businessmen were among dozens of people arrested near the Italian city of Naples Wednesday accused of being part of a corruption and bid-rigging ring linked to the powerful Camorra local Mafia. A former mayor of Pompeii was among those targeted in early-morning raids in… Read More

ITALY. We were made slaves. Journalistic investigation in Italy.

by Peter Stano – Journalist That would expose the mafia and corruption tie   In Italia milioni di persone acquistano i prodotti nei supermercati del paese, dove nonostante i controlli vengono venduti generi alimentari prodotti e provenienti da Aziende Italiane e della Comunita’ Europea, con condizioni sanitarie precarie creando una minaccia per la salute dei consumatori.… Read More