MYANMAR. Stop Genocide. EU Is Once Again Failing

Dr Azeem Ibrahim, Contributor Photo: HuffPost The European Union has historically taken a lead on issues related to Myanmar at the UN Human Rights Council. And yet now, at it’s most critical juncture when the Rohingya need external assistance more than ever as the various security agencies of the state in Myanmar are cracking down on… Read More

WORLD. Can Mark Zuckerberg control the global Internet?

by Peter Stano – journalist. Billions of people use the Internet. Just like the owner of his own home closes his house to the castle, also people want security in the global Internet. What is really happening? Why Mark Zuckerberg and other people interfere in the lives of billions of people and want to control… Read More

ITALY. Eritrean priest denies people smuggling

Nomia Iqbal – Journalist. A Catholic priest under investigation for people smuggling has told the BBC that politicians are trying to criminalise people helping refugees. Image copyrightAFPImage captionEritrean-born priest Don Mussie Zeraj says better leadership is needed in Africa A Catholic priest under investigation for people smuggling has told the BBC that politicians are trying… Read More

GERMANY. Refugees. What is happening in Europe.

George Nizovy – Journalist. Refugees. What is happening in Europe. The flow of refugees from Muslim countries does not stop. What is behind all this? Interview with an employee of the distribution center for migrants in Germany. Интервью с сотрудником распределительного центра для мигрантов в Германии Последние события в Германии всколыхнули всю Европу. Можно много говорить… Read More

ITALY. The world of the Italian mafia “Ndrangheta”

By John Dickie The biggest cocaine smugglers in Europe are the ‘Ndrangheta, a mafia from the “toe of Italy”, Calabria. They may not be as well known as their Sicilian counterparts but their drugs and extortion business is worth billions of euros. When cornered their bosses hole up in secret bunkers. I don’t think I’ve… Read More

ITALY. Mafia. Investigation Sparks Dozens of Arrests.

    CLAUDIO LAVANGA ROME — Politicians, public servants, professors and businessmen were among dozens of people arrested near the Italian city of Naples Wednesday accused of being part of a corruption and bid-rigging ring linked to the powerful Camorra local Mafia. A former mayor of Pompeii was among those targeted in early-morning raids in… Read More


Quality journalism is having a hard time surviving in the digital era. Now crowdfunding platform Uncoverage provides a way to enable the public to support investigative reporting.   The growth of the Internet and new information and communication technologies are compromising the future of quality journalism. A recentreport on journalism in the United States entitled ‘The… Read More

ITALY. We were made slaves. Journalistic investigation in Italy.

by Peter Stano – Journalist That would expose the mafia and corruption tie   In Italia milioni di persone acquistano i prodotti nei supermercati del paese, dove nonostante i controlli vengono venduti generi alimentari prodotti e provenienti da Aziende Italiane e della Comunita’ Europea, con condizioni sanitarie precarie creando una minaccia per la salute dei consumatori.… Read More