HOLLAND. Modern slavery

Может ли гражданин страны Евросоюза стать жертвой современного рабства? Можно ли работать в Нидерландах с польским разрешением на работу? Как распознать риск эксплуатации на рабочем месте еще до подписания трудового договора? Какими правами обладают нелегалы в Нидерландах? На эти и множество других вопросов ответила сотрудник организации Fairwork Элин Вильемсен (Eline Willemsen). – Fairwork – организация, которая занимается… Read More

ITALY. Eritrean priest denies people smuggling

Nomia Iqbal – Journalist. A Catholic priest under investigation for people smuggling has told the BBC that politicians are trying to criminalise people helping refugees. Image copyrightAFPImage captionEritrean-born priest Don Mussie Zeraj says better leadership is needed in Africa A Catholic priest under investigation for people smuggling has told the BBC that politicians are trying… Read More

The task of “Investigative Journalism”

The task of “Journalistic Investigations” is not only to expose or scandal. The investigation of our journalists is that justice would triumph. That would expose the mafia and corruption ties. And this is a long and systematic investigation, which would subsequently make a publication about the facts sheltered from society.


Quality journalism is having a hard time surviving in the digital era. Now crowdfunding platform Uncoverage provides a way to enable the public to support investigative reporting.   The growth of the Internet and new information and communication technologies are compromising the future of quality journalism. A recentreport on journalism in the United States entitled ‘The… Read More

ITALY. We were made slaves. Journalistic investigation in Italy.

by Peter Stano – Journalist That would expose the mafia and corruption tie   In Italia milioni di persone acquistano i prodotti nei supermercati del paese, dove nonostante i controlli vengono venduti generi alimentari prodotti e provenienti da Aziende Italiane e della Comunita’ Europea, con condizioni sanitarie precarie creando una minaccia per la salute dei consumatori.… Read More