USA. What poet Claude McKay can teach national security whistleblowers

by Martin Edwin Andersen – Writer. Historian. Strategic Communications Specialist Protected in Vladimir Putin’s human rights gulag, Edward Snowden is a leaker who promotes himself as a champion of national security whistleblowing.   During the Harlem Renaissance, the poet Claude McKay sought to spread the good word about how those “abused, outraged and … fighting against… Read More

ARGENTINA. No hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver

Martin Edwin Andersen – Writer. Historian. Strategic Communications Specialist En cuanto de Derechos Humanos, “siempre tenés que jugar en línea recta.” – Patt Derian, héroe y profeta de la Administración de Jimmy Carter.   El libro de Gaby Levinas , Doble agente. La biografía inesperada de Horacio Verbitsky , llega en un momento delicado. En las… Read More

US. Vladimir Putin, Trump and Latin America

Martin Edwin Andersen – Writer. Historian. Strategic Communications Specialist Patt Derian, Jimmy Carter’s human rights defender, has her heralded her records rather than turn them over to the Reagan Administration … WASHINGTON — The real and imagined plots that color discussions of the relationship between President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin recall an earlier age… Read More

RUSSIA. After the death of his colleague, a Russian journalist is afraid of returning home

Kseniya Kirillova – Journalist. Analyst. Writer. At least 58 journalists have been killed in Russia since 1993, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. That includes several Novaya Gazeta journalists who were killed or died in mysterious circumstances since 2000. When the Russian reporter left her hometown of Ekaterinburg, Russia in early 2014 to move to… Read More

RUSSIA. Putin. The cult of Putin

Arthur Rodivilov – Journalist. War, large-scale corruption, currency crisis, fall of the economy, international isolation – all that would be enough to undermine the popularity of any president. But it is not working with Russian President Volodymyr Putin, likewise, it helps to gain new momentum to his popularity. And TV propaganda is not the only… Read More