EU Plans to Cut Mediterranean Migrant Patrols to Africa

by Mansour Alabed Alali – journalist. Human rights activist. An Italian government document said that the European Union is planning to reduce deals with North African countries, such as Egypt and Tunisia, to train their search-and-rescue missions, in a bid to tackle the suan Migrant Patrols to Africa An Italian government document said that the European Union is planning to… Read More

SYRIA. Camp, school. With simple tents and poor facilities

by Mansour Alabed Alali – Journalist. Human rights activist. With simple tents and poor facilities that do not exceed blackboard and old seats, volunteer teachers continue to teach children without any wages as voluntary work.   The reality of education in the northern Syrian camps .. In the midst of compelling circumstances and deteriorating conditions… Read More

SYRIA. The suffering of the Jabal Camp in Jarablus in North Of Syria

by Mansour Alabed Alali – Journalist. Human rights activist. The long waiting journey      The suffering of the Jabal Camp in Jarablus in North Of Syria and the long waiting journey * The suffering of the displaced people of the Jabal camp in the city of Jarbalus in light of the poor conditions of the… Read More

SYRIA. Appeal to International assistance from Syrian journalist, human rights activist

Mansour Alabed Alali – Journalist. Human rights activist. PLEASE Save me Save my Family, We are oppressed in Syria . – Absolutely necessary, We want to go to Canada , we want to Reach Canada as soon as possible and in any way, please help me through the endorsement and authorization to reach Canada. Please… Read More

UKRAINE. «Население Донбасса вытесняют приезжими» – жители Донецка

Kseniya Kirillova – Journalist. Analyst. Writer. В то время, когда многие из коренных жителей Донецка стараются выехать из зоны оккупации, на их место приезжают люди из «депрессивных регионов» России. Этими впечатлениями с Донбасс.Реалии поделилась дончанка Елена Некрасова (имя изменено в целях безопасности). «Я знаю несколько подобных семей. Как правило, мужчин отправляют воевать, а их жёнам и детям… Read More

SYRIA. Human Rights. War and refugees on the border with Turkey

Mansour Alabed Alali. Journalist. Human rights activist. Diary of Syrian refugees. From under the roof of an abandoned house, under the roof of the house of this worn-out old Syrian refugee living diary of his life difficult.   After a personal visit I made to Syrian refugees Abboud in one of the abandoned houses and… Read More

What is Nazism? Human Rights.

Yonatan Zunger Nazism conceives of the world as a struggle between races. That’s not “race ” as in the 20th-century American “black/white” sense; in the Nazi vision, Jews, Slavs, Britons… The “National Socialism” is a very real idea, too: it means socialism for members of the nation. And they decide who’s in and who’s out. Government subsidies… Read More

BELARUS. Was Belarus the victim of political and military games between Russia and Europe?

By Yauheni Preiherman / Officially, 12,700 troops participated in the drills, which practiced heading off a military incursion. Little was known about simultaneous drills in Russia. Pundits say that the latter might have involved a far larger numbers of troops and it was this estimate that became the source of hysteric projections around the drills in international… Read More

EUROPE. Today began the Russian-Belarusian war games. European residents are excited and frightened.

by Monika Scislowska. According to the AP today Russia and Belarus began major war games Thursday, an operation involving thousands of troops, tanks and aircraft on NATO’s eastern edge practicing how to hunt down and destroy armed spies, among other maneuvers. The Zapad (West) 2017 maneuvers, which are mainly taking place in Belarus this year, have… Read More